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Internet of Things (iOT) is changing the business landscape, creating opportunities for new sources of revenue, smarter interactions with customers, and greater efficiencies. The real promise of iOT lies in the ability to combine machine-generated data with data created by humans for deeper insight, understanding, and real-time decision making. iOT solutions will have a significant impact on nearly every industry, creating new business models and new sources of operational efficiencies.

Widespread Applications:

Be it enabling doctors to monitor the health wellness of their patients through connected devices or empowering cold storages to use sensors for monitoring the controlled conditions in the warehouse and alert them with real time adverse occurrences,iOT applications continue to expand by the day. On the consumer front, iOT Mobile Apps have made their way into our living rooms, thanks to the growing adoption of smartphones wearables, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Meanwhile, companies across several industries-including manufacturing, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, HealthCare, energy and retailare seeking to harness iOT-enabled convergence for boosting operating efficiency and enterprise productivity, as well as for transforming their business models.

Our Approach:

iProtechs provides the right approach and insight to individuals/enterprises on their iOT Solution landscape to reap the benefits of Machine-to-Machine/iOT technology. We work with platform companies like AWS and Google to combine our knowledge to design solutions in the M2M ecosystem and provide a smart, secure and connected experience for enterprises.

What we deliver:

Identify business pain points inRetail, HospitalityIndustry, Industrial Refrigeration and HealthCare that iOT can resolve and provide a roadmap in line with the desired business outcome resulting in a POC/Technology Roadmap to the enterprise.

We have solutions in several industry verticals like

  • Retail - Enhance Retail Shopping experience in Malls.
  • Industrial - Remote Monitoring of Temperature and other Parameters in Warehouses and Logistics.
  • Healthcare - Enhanced Patient Health Monitoring with Alerts.
  • Hospitality - Predictive Maintenance for Guest Rooms.

As System Integrators in the iOT space we bring agility and flexibility in standing up a pilot,provide application and managed services, deliver solutions while saving time, resources and ultimately cost.


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